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NMC Exteriors & Remodeling Case Studies: Brooklyn Park, MN Hail Damaged Roof and Siding

Thursday, February 22nd, 2018 by Suzie Elliott


Homeowners in Brooklyn Park MN suffered hail damage to both their roof and Siding after the June 11, 2017, hail storm. They contacted their Homeowners Insurance Company and an Insurance Adjuster came out to the home to conduct an inspection. After completing the inspection, the Adjuster agreed to replace the full roof, but only one wall of siding. The Adjuster was told by a product identification company called ITEL, that they could provide a match to the existing siding from a local distributor, so the Adjuster would not approve a full siding wrap. Unfortunately, when the siding sample arrived, it did not match as the existing siding had changed slightly since it's original condition. The homeowners were disappointed that despite the color difference, the Adjuster would still only agree, to coverage for the one side. 


After contacting NMC Exteriors to schedule an inspection for a second opinion, Project Manager Rich promptly met with the homeowners. He inspected the home, and met with 3 different Adjusters, working as an advocate on the homeowner's behalf, to gain approval for a full siding replacement. Finally, by the 3rd inspection, Rich was able to provide the Insurance Adjuster a letter from the siding manufacturer, proving that the siding they provided, was in fact, not the same. As such, the Insurance company ended up paying for the entire home based on the merits and proof provided by NMC Exteriors. The homeowners were impressed with Rich's diligence and are ecstatic about their brand new siding project, occurring in Spring 2018.

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