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Cedar Shake Roof in Plymouth, MN


When it’s time to install a new roof on your home, the material options can seem overwhelming. Before investing in a replacement roof, consider the material best-suited for your architectural style, aesthetic vision, and budget.

If you’ve thought about moving beyond asphalt roofing to something more attractive and distinctive, consider the benefits of a cedar shake roof.

Wood shake roofs provide character. They enhance the warmth and beauty of your home in a way asphalt and composite shingles simply cannot. They are also eco-friendly! Made from a natural, renewable resource, cedar roofing can be purchased from companies with sustainable harvesting techniques.

Wood shake roofs have up to two-times the insulating value of asphalt shingles and their cellular structure make them an energy-saving addition to your home during summer and winter. And because they’re able to tolerate heavy rain, harsh winds, and hail, cedar shakes are a resilient roofing option, even in Minnesota’s ever-changing climate.

Due to their timeless look, cedar shakes complement many architectural styles and are highly-adaptable, meaning that when treated with preservatives, your roof will resist fungus, decay, and fire damage for years to come.

Ready to explore the features of cedar shake or other roofing materials? Need to know how much to budget for your new roof? Call the professionals at NMC Exterior & Remodeling. With nearly two decades of experience installing and repairing quality roofs, gutters, and siding, NMC brings advanced material technology and unrivaled customer service to both residents and business owners in and around the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. To view some of our previous beautiful cedar shake roof projects, visit our “Photo Gallery.”

To discuss the benefits of cedar shake roofing or to schedule a free, no-obligation inspection of your roof, call NMC Exteriors & Remodeling at 763-260-8537 today.

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