NMC Refined the Build-Back Process after 20 Years in Business

How NMC's Restoration Process was Born from Client Dedication

NMC is celebrating 20 years in business as a premiere exterior and remodeling general contracting firm serving residential, commercial and multi-housing clientele. NMC developed a mastery in insurance restoration and the build-back process, naturally after decades of trade exposure and the team’s mission to always improve. Streamlining resulted from NMC’s tenured craftsmanship combined with championing an internal insurance estimating department that specializes in complex damage documentation. Strong ties with leading insurance companies allow NMC to consistently complete projects in a stress-free, expert manner. Expect NMC to deliver thorough assessments and comprehensive solutions with all repairs meeting Minneapolis’ strict building codes and manufacturer specifications.

Trust NMC Exteriors with Your Insurance Restoration Project

Renowned for Verifiable Damage Reports and Thorough Estimates
For twenty years, NMC has refined the insurance restoration process and is recognized in the industry for integrity, customer service, accurate documentation and smooth project execution. See CIC Midwest's Spring 2019 Saving Guide for NMC's 'Build Community Value' offer or go to NMC's Offer Page. Our brief online form can be completed to schedule a no-cost assessment appointment with one of NMC's trained, certified exterior professionals.