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NMC Exteriors: 1) Customer Focus

NMC Exteriors was selected as one of the 14 Best Roofing Companies in Minnesota by Juno Construction taking first in the "Customer Focus" category. The team at Juno composed a short list of the most outstanding roofing companies in Minnesota. Juno was compelled to generate the list based on how stressful is can be to find a contractor who fits into a budget and performs excellent work. Juno asks, "Have you noticed curling or missing shingles, hail damage, or realized your roof is over 25 years old? These are all signs you may need a roof replacement."

The full article by Juno listing all 14 of Minnesota’s BEST of the BEST Roofers in 2019 is here. NMC was selected among many other Minnesota-based roofing contractors. Juno's motivation for the list: "Not every company is a perfect fit for every customer; you deserve to have options in order to select the company that is right for you." Below are excerpts from the article.

Over 100 Google Reviews

If you are looking for a company who not only does great work but puts a high emphasis on the customer’s needs, look no further than NMC Exteriors located in Plymouth, MN.

They are a family owned and operated business since 1999 and have carried their belief in striving for 100% customer satisfaction since the very opening day. Want proof? Just check their Google Reviews (there’s over 100 of them).

NMC Selected as Best in Customer Focus

The Difference is in the Details

Top roofing companies look at buildings as systems, not unlike the body, where altering one area of the home can affect another area. For example, if you need a new roof, your attic may need to be adequately insulated. Most professionals in the industry do not understand how to properly insulate an attic which can lead to a premature roof life. If you are looking for a roofer who can give you honest information and provide services which address your building as a whole system, these companies are for you.

Thank You

NMC is honored to be rated as a top roofing contractor in Minnesota. Thanks to Juno Construction for the wonderful recognition and making a difference across the state for all homeowners, one roof at a time!