NMC Fixes Leaks at the Source

Stop Bucketing; NMC Will Correct Leaks at the Source

Immediately call NMC Exteriors when you notice an interior leak. Water entry will not self-correct and the problems will only compound. Please don't ignore roof leaks and don't delay in getting professional help. The financial costs and health risks will begin to add up quickly when leaking roofs are not fixed. Water moisture combined with no sunlight plus a food source creates a perfect environment for wood rot, mold and mildew. Nobody wants unsightly wet walls or ceilings, but more importantly water leaks contribute to structural decay, soggy insulation loses its functionality and exposure to mold can cause severe allergy and respiratory issues. When the home envelope is crippled due to a leaky roof, system efficiencies decrease and utility bills increase. Avoid any pocketbook pains, and most importantly any lung ailments by contacting NMC Exteriors for a no-cost inspection.

NMC Corrects Leaks in the Roof & Attic

Ask a NMC Expert to Assess Roof & Attic Areas for Roof Leaks and Hazards

If you're capturing water in a bucket or see mold or any sagging, please contact an expert at NMC asap to properly assess damages and begin total corrective actions. NMC will examine your attic, crawl spaces and get on top of your roof safely to identify the source of the leak. Loose shingles in your yard are an indication of loss of roof protection possibly due to heavy winds, storm damage or ice dams. Shingle granules in the down spouts or gutters is another sign of loss of roof integrity, possibly due to age. Sometimes the water leak affects aren't obvious. The rafters, joists, framing and sheetrock can be secretly deteriorating, and even worse, unseen electrical wires could mix with the water and create potential fire hazards. Having water pooling on floors are a slip and fall hazard as well. Contact NMC to gain proper solutions and cure leaky roofs for good. NMC has the tools, imaging hardware and experience to make sure your family gets the repairs and/or roof replacement that fully protects you from the elements...Request a NMC Assessment online or call 763-244-1147.

No More Kitchen Leaks from Disrupted Roof

Take Their Word For It

Listed below are some incredible testimonials about NMC and our dedication to conquering leaks. It's amazing how water can be such a beautiful, restorative, magical necessity of life AND also has the potential to be harmful, insidious and destructive. Stop suffering with a leaky roof and Contact NMC Exteriors now.

NMC Exteriors is a life saver! I’ve had ice dam issues with a little bit of leaking for years, and this year it was the worst it’s been, water leaking all over my kitchen in multiple spots, I have 4 buckets catching water! I was looking for recommendations on a local Facebook bulletin board for a fix & they were referred to me. NMC was so helpful, getting all my info, and said they would send Rick out the next day to look at my issues, this was at 6pm, Rick was here at 1pm the next day! I thought it would be a while to get someone out with so many people having problems this year, but NMC is completely on top of it! Rick was such a knowledgeable guy, very professional and knew right away what my issue was & how to resolve it. This issue has been causing me so much stress, and speaking with Rick just put me at ease! I really wish I would’ve called NMC years ago to fix it! I’m looking forward to working with them and finally having proper insulation & barriers to avoid future problems! No more coming home to puddles on my kitchen floor!!!! Thanks NMC! Great people! - Kristee P.

I had a leak on my gutter that was leaking down the side of my house and rotting the wood on my house. A friend of mine who is in real-estate said the only person he would call would be NMC. I am glad I did. NMC's project manager came out and said all I needed was a flash guard on the side of my house. Showed me where it needed to go and the size. So very thankful for his honesty and any needs I have in the future he will be the person I call. - Rick G.

NMC met with us and talked us through various solutions to our leaking solarium roof. With a solid understanding of our needs NMC Exteriors fixed the roof quickly and economically. - Rich H.

I went to a remodeling expo. I was looking for a company to repair a small patch of my roof that was leaking. NMC was the ONLY company that would take the time to talk with me knowing that it was a smaller job. They came to my house and did a complete walk through of the roof, took pictures, and explained in detail what needed to be fixed. NMC did an AMAZING job fixing the roof. They were on-time, professional, and easy to talk to. I would recommend this company to all of my friends and family. - Margie P.