Do You Need New Siding Due to Hail? 

Many Bloomington homes were impacted during Minnesota's August 3rd storm with up to half-dollar size hailstones causing damage. These storms can whip a homeowner back to the realities of summer weather in Minnesota, reminding us about protection for your home, the precious people inside and the desire to tackle exterior vulnerabilities right away. 

The great thing about NMC is that while we're excited to install new siding, we also love helping homeowners with the insurance restoration and build-back process. NMC has been specializing in documenting hail and wind damage since 1999. If a severe storm strikes, rely on NMC's experts to assess your home at no-cost, provide honest recommendations and partner with you for the entire damage claim process.

If a claim need not be filed, NMC can repair any damage from small nicks to large gouges due to tree branches or object impact. We can correct any siding, window or gutter displacement or detachment quickly and respectfully, with the highest degree of craftsmanship.

NMC Performs Honest Evaluations for Hail Damage

NMC Can Help You Through The Insurance Process

You may have heard what makes NMC different from all area contractors-- we actually guide you through the entire insurance restoration process. NMC has our own internal insurance estimating department to promote consistency and accuracy when dealing with insurance projects. That means that when you work with NMC, no one will take advantage of you, and we will all work to make sure your project is covered to the highest degree.

Why call NMC when storm damage occurs?

  • We will react quickly and repair the damage quickly
  • Only NMC will assist you throughout the entire insurance damage claim process
  • We always clean up your property, every day that we are working there
  • Our material access to inventory means your damage can be fixed, a majority of the time with matching roofing, windows, siding and gutters
  • No one in the business is more respectful of your time or your property than NMC
  • We are available early mornings, days, evenings and weekends: NMC 763-244-1147 

Steel Siding Replacement by NMC in Classic Blue

Benefits of Steel Siding 

Steel siding from EDCO provides an elegant, durable style to your home with amazing safety features of Anti-Fire (Non-Combustible) and Anti-Moisture (Mold-Resistant). This product line is virtually maintenance-free, with Cool Chemistry Paint Technology (anti-chip, anti-fade and anti-cracking properties), 100% Recyclable and has a lifetime warranty. 
Rely on NMC whether you need completely new siding or an exterior repair, NMC offers fast and budget-friendly installations. Besides steel siding, NMC offers James Hardie Cement Board, LP Smartside, cedar, PVC, and vinyl siding. Contact NMC for a no-cost assessment today!