Honest Inspections for Cedar Roofs by NMC

Get an Honest Assessment from the Experts at NMC for Your Cedar Roof 

Minnesotans looking for new cedar shake roofing should know about cedar's attractiveness and excellent strength. NMC Cedar shake roofing is strong and impressive. Cedar shake roofing offers lasting endurance against the extreme weather. Something additional to note is that Cedar is the only roofing material that can be maintained to maximize its durability. Now, keep in mind that every Cedar Shake roof should be inspected by a qualified and knowledgeable contractor such as the Project Managers employed by NMC. This is crucial in order to avoid potential wood rot, splitting and other maintenance issues, as well as preserving the integrity of the entire roof system. 

NMC Installs Beautiful Cedar RoofsNMC Has Craft Mastery to Install Complex Cedar Roof Systems

Why have NMC install your Cedar shake roof? NMC operates with high quality craftsmanship in combination with our familiarity with all of the top Cedar suppliers who offer the best in Cedar. Our relationship with these material suppliers allows you the comfort of knowing that your home will be safe and efficient. NMC possesses over 20 year of experience in complex Cedar roof installations.

Cedar shake roofing is a beautiful, distinctly Minnesotan choice that is both durable and looks fantastic— just like Midwesterners! With NMC at the helm of your roof replacement, you will not go wrong with Cedar shakes— check out our testimonials and past project photos for added confidence and the perks that come with using NMC.

  • NMC has second-to-none relationships with the best Cedar suppliers in the Midwest, meaning the shakes we install on your roof will be the highest quality available
  • NMC cleans up your property every day that we are there, before we go home for the night
  • NMC assigns your project one Project Manager who you will communicate with and who will lead your entire project
  • Best manufacturer guarantees
  • NMC prepares a final packet for you containing ICOC, warranties and product details 
Cedar is the most energy-efficient roofing material commonly available, which makes it a great fit for Minnesota weather. Regardless if it's freezing outside and your heat is blasting, or the air conditioning is on, Cedar will keep what's going on inside your home, contained. Cedar roofing also offers incredible wind and hail resistance, making it a strong and safe option for your family.

Another great plus to Cedar is that since it's a natural material, its wear-and-tear is visible to the eye, and you can call NMC for an inspection or repair to quickly address the issue. With flat or asphalt shingle roofing, needed repairs can go unnoticed because damage is hard to spot. And, unlike asphalt shingles, usually just a single Cedar shake can be replaced if it's damaged, without replacing an entire area of your roofthis is exactly what contributes to its cost-effectiveness.

NMC Installs Cedar Roof Systems Professionally

Accentuate Your Cedar Shake with Beautiful Accessories

Cedar shake roofing is a favorite found across Edina, Wayzata, Lake of the Isles, Plymouth, Minnetonka and Excelsior for good reason. Cost effective and attractive, Cedar shake is the only roofing material that can be maintained to prolong its service life, making it an ideal choice for Minnesota homeowners that want an attractive and stylish roof, but also a roof that stands up to the elements. Homeowners who have had Cedar shakes installed by NMC Exteriors, also frequently elect to accent the beauty of their roof with decadent copper accessories, from chimney stacks to window pans. The NMC online social pages show countless images of our work with Cedar shake roofing and our customers could not be happier.

Why install a Cedar roof versus other roof materials:

  • Cedar is attractive and authentic looking, and its light color can make any home look larger
  • Cedar is the only roofing material that can be maintained to prolong its service life
  • Cedar offers the highest energy efficiency of any common roofing material, typically 4x that of asphalt shingles
  • Cedar offers the timeless authenticity of a natural material at a low price relative to other natural materials such as clay or stone