Attic Insulation should be at R-60 or 20" in MinnesotaAttics are Under-Insulated if the Depth Level is Under 17 Inches

Did you know: More than half of the homes in the US are Under-Insulated? According to Owens Corning's research, 90 million of our 130 million homes across America are in need of more "pink". Today, over 70% of existing US single-family homes are under-insulated. Typically, an attic in need of additional insulation coincides with a home in need of a new roof. To make sure your insulation meets the recommended R-Value for our Minneapolis climate zone (R-49 – R-60), contact NMC Exteriors for an attic assessment at no cost to you: 763-244-1147.

Blowing-in additional insulation in your attic is a simple, quick, low-cost way to improve energy efficiencies and reduce heating and cooling costs. Not only will achieving peak thermal performance save on utility bills, but homes with proper insulation are quieter, more comfortable and less likely to experience a pipe burst due to frozen water. On average, the ProCat machine takes 1-2 hours, has low dust/mess/static, and retains its expanded state (no settling of Fiberglas). ProCat's advanced formula has higher insulating performance at the eaves and has properties to help protect against moisture absorption, mold growth and pests.

Achieving recommended levels of insulation is a wise investment, not just for eco-friendliness and budget savings, but resale studies show home buyers value proper insulation as a major benefit and maintenance perk. According to a survey by the AIA Organization (American Institute of Architects) 90% of home buyers would pay up to $5,000.00 more for a home that would use less energy.

The most common damage call in to insurance companies during frigid weather is a burst water pipe. This is according to the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety. You can prevent your interior pipes from freezing with the simple act of adding insulation to your attic. Adding insulation to unheated interior spaces maintains higher temperatures in these areas, and is a great long-term measure to keep pipes warm and the water running. For more tips, read this Consumer Reports article.

Roofing System Functionality Depends on Roofing, Insulation and VentilationNMC Installs Complete Exterior Systems Properly

All of the integrated components must be installed properly to create a functioning exterior system that provides true protection. Roofing, insulation and water diversion must be constructed correctly to withstand time, weather and critters. See Owens Corning's TPRS diagram and details about the benefits of a Total Protection Roofing System.

There are a few important parts to a functioning exterior system; defense, seal and ventilation. The first step is getting our barriers down. Ice & Water (I&W) and underlayment help block out rain flow and can help prevent ice damming. Shingles are a basic defense necessity for a home to fight storms and the elements. Secondly, there's sealing the roof properly. Seals help minimize moisture collection which can lead to rot and mold. The last component of a healthy exterior system is the attic! Intake and exhaust ventilation is key to avoiding moisture and condensation from building up. If an attic isn't allowed to breathe, mold can grow, which can be harmful to our health, and ice dams can form, which can lead to shingle disruption. 

NMC is always eager to assist in the delivery of a fully functional roofing system. It is enjoyable to share samples and help homeowners with material selections. With so many styles, types and colors, it's easy to reflect your personal style and home character. NMC is an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, an elite status awarded to only a handful of roofing contractors across the nation! 

A solid exterior system by NMC contributes to:

  • Protection from the Elements
  • Lowers Utility Bill Costs
  • Increases Eco-Friendliness
  • More Comfortable, Quiet Home
  • Non-mold Cleaner Air to Breathe
  • Cozy Pipes in Insulated Attics (Frozen Water Line Burst Prevention)
  • Ice Dam Elimination
  • Beautiful Curb Appeal Reflecting Personal Style
  • Attractive Exteriors Sell Faster when Home goes on the Market

If you have any questions about exterior systems, storm damage or the insurance restoration process, contact NMC for honest answers.

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