NMC's Weather Report Lists Storm Events

NMC's Weather Tool Reports Major Past Wind & Hail Events

NMC offers a free online tool to check past storm events against a geographic area. A damage report will generate quickly with an accurate list of storm dates, hailstone size and wind speed based on the address entered. NMC's findings are simplified, address-specific and parallel NOAA's Severe Weather Summaries and the National Weather Service Center reports. Again, your storm report is at no charge, compliments of NMC Exteriors.

NMC Extreme Weather Report

Based on the Info Entered, A List Will Generate Storm Date Details

For over 20 years, NMC has witnessed the destruction storms can wreak on property. We care about you, your home and your family. Please visit our past project profile pages to see a multitude of photo account transformations from hail/wind damage to new roof/siding replacements. The before and afters are incredible. While high winds, large hailstones and heavy rains aren't stoppable, most weather events are predicted and proper installations can help defend structures against the elements. Always be prepared and aware of the many high-tech weather resources available and trust NMC to perform installations properly with expertise. We're certified, licensed, insured and carry the title: Platinum Preferred Contractor by Owens Corning. The National Weather Service has SKYWARN, and the NWS is the most sought-out dependable weather information source for all broadcasters: Local Forecast and Weather Headlines

NMC Weather Widget

Time is of the Essence When Managing  Insurance Restoration 

This NMC weather report can be added to the exterior assessment documentation packets, and can definitely start a damage discussion with an NMC expert. If a storm date listed on your report corroborates your belief that your home or business has suffered from hail or wind damage, contact NMC right away to find out what actions are recommended and our best next steps together. Do not wait too long as date sensitivity plays a role in insurance restoration! 

NMC's qualified roofing managers are available year-round to discuss the insurance restoration and build-back process, and if weather and safety conditions permit, NMC can perform a no-cost inspection on your property. Many insurance carriers typically set time frames and deadlines regarding damage claim dates against a storm date (date of loss). The acceptable date of filings can vary widely, from several months to a couple years, but generally, taking action sooner is always better. NMC is ready to join you as an ally-advocate regarding your initial steps in exterior recovery and can offer suggestions about the logging of important dates, if applicable. 

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Please ask us about any of our exterior practices or special knowledge areas: insurance restoration, weather events, Date of Loss, Statements of Loss, damage documentation (we use tech-gear and photography), our streamlined production process, safety measures (we are OSHA compliant), logistical handling of active construction sites, best project practices (scheduling, kick-off, communication), quality assurance clean-up policies and our loyalty programs.

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