New Insurance Approved Brownwood Roof in MedinaRequest a No-Cost NMC Inspection Before Your Home Goes to Market

NMC Exteriors is your best partner for your House Selling preparedness! Not only can an NMC project manager evaluate your exterior at no-cost, but our qualified experts will share honest recommendations at no-cost as well. NMC has over 20 years experience in exterior systems, and can identify issues relating to roofing, siding, gutters, downspouts, water diversion, attic insulation, ventilation, ice dams, pipe penetrations, seals, rooftop accessories and proper installation. Having NMC on-site before your house lists allows time to correct any exterior maladies properly. This proactive step can help your home pass inspections and impress prospective buyers. NMC is certified, licensed, insured, and is a trusted roofing general contractor specializing in insurance restoration.

Ultimately, NMC is your best choice in an exterior partner for the house pre-sale process to ensure your home:
  • Is in optimal condition for a smooth home sale transaction
  • Passes the home inspection
  • Appraises at its maximum amount
  • Positioned for minimal-to-zero non-disclosure retribution after the sale
  • Is more desirable; Homes that are routinely maintained, cared-for and in top functioning order will get bid-precedence over houses that are neglected
  • Is in solid structural order so the new buyers have some time to enjoy their new exteriors before the regular maintenance cycle begins, in a decade, due to age
  • Is sound and ready, which gives you a good conscience and peace of mind
NMC operates with integrity, honor and transparency and can serve as your ally in the house sale preparation stages with you. For example, in the photo shown above, NMC was contacted after a home-seller in Medina received a list of siding fixes from the inspector. NMC performed the repairs in order to stay on track with the property's closing date, and shortly after finishing, the August 5, 2019 storm struck causing massive hail damage! NMC responded quickly with another inspection on-site and discovered severe damage to the shingles and gutters. NMC worked rapidly with the seller's insurance company to replace the roof and gutters within the approved Statement of Loss. This Medina home's closing continued on schedule and the new homeowners are enjoying a beautiful new roof in Duration Brownwood by Owens Corning and gutters in Antique Parchment. NMC's crews and field teams are highly trained, certified installers and contribute to NMC carrying the elite and rare status of "Platinum Preferred Contractor" by Owens Corning. 

NMC is certified, licensed and insured

NMC Knows Storm Damage

Nobody knows Minnesota storm damage better than the tenured experts at NMC. We recognize hail and wind damage, even if the impact wounds are subtle, and certainly know how to properly compose documentation for substantiating your insurance claim filing. Please start a no-obligation conversation with NMC about how best to build-back your exterior so your home is in the best hands for accurate doc compilation, streamlined operations, exemplary installations and if applicable, a fully-covered, insurance approved exterior recovery. 

Team up with NMC for a seamless, smooth exterior build-back process:

  • Over 10,000 Projects Completed with an average of 800 projects/year
  • Serving Minneapolis for over 20 years
  • No-Cost Inspections & Honest Recommendations
  • Verifiable Damage Documentation
  • Comprehensive Report Packages & Estimates
  • Insurance Restoration Specialists
  • Insurance Fluency & Agent Relations
  • Available for 1st/2nd Adjustments & Appraisals
  • Responsive, Professional, Transparent
  • Zero-Accident Safety Record
  • OSHA Safety Compliant
  • Daily Site Clean-ups & QA Inspections
  • Strong Material & Supplier Relations
  • Guaranteed Quality & Warranties
  • Frequent Communication with Managers & Tenants
  • Streamlined Operations means Completions are on Time
  • Specialty Roofing Craftsmanship
  • Reputable, Reliable, Community-Dedicated
  • Licensed, Insured, Certified & Woman-Owned
  • Platinum Preferred Contractor

NMC is ready to serve your exterior needs with the best recommendations in procedure, material selection and proper installation so your final result is a fully functioning system that can withstand the elements of our Minnesota climate zone. We're dedicated to achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

Severe Weather list of hail wind events in your area

FREE Storm Report to Validate Dates of Damage

NMC offers a Free online Storm-Report to check past weather events for wind and/or hail strikes, based on the location you enter! If you suspect storm damage, or know for sure your home has incurred damage, complete the quick form, compliments of NMC, to find dates and details about hailstone size and wind speed. After you discover a correlation, contact NMC for a no-obligation conversation about your best next steps in the insurance restoration process. NMC will perform on-site no-cost inspections if weather and safety conditions permit. We recommend starting an insurance damage claim conversation with NMC, your insurance agent, and your family sooner versus later, as date sensitivity can be relevant with submissions of damage doc filings. Again, NMC is always available to partner with you as your ally in exterior recovery and insurance damage restoration: 763-251-9292