NMC is ready to eCommunicate using Digital Virtual Tools

Essential Exterior Services  Remain Available.
eComm Active

Stay at Home March 27 - April 10, 2020. NMC Exteriors’ is an essential business with a continuation of services that are deemed essential activities and exterior emergencies. NMC is adhering to Minnesota's executive order to #StayHomeMN. We will operate accordingly as COVID-19 developments and official announcements occur. NMC possesses the ability to communicate virtually and we will be able to perform immediate or future installs with appropriate, compliant and healthful conscientiousness. If you have an emergency exterior need, please contact us for a discussion as we're here and ready to help. Please be patient, caring and understanding with each other as we navigate through this. We will get through this together.

Let's minimize the COVID-19 spread and stay home (except for essential needs) to help save lives. Below is an outline of our measures to ensure the continuation of our services:
  • NMC has the technology to communicate digitally
  • NMC can communicate virtually via phone, text, email, chat and video interface
  • Once it's appropriate and shelter orders lift, our experts can conduct exterior quality assurance inspections on their own and e-doc all evaluations using drones, photos, videos and our nifty annotation program
  • Our evaluation of your property can be shared with you electronically for your review
  • We can discuss options, solutions and make decisions together remotely
  • Our software/APIs are digital: cloud uploads, DocuSign, agreements, report compilations, etc
  • Once we're cleared to resume, our Project Managers, supervisors and crews can perform our inspections & installs smoothly using healthful conscientiousness 

At home shelter order compliance by NMC

NMC Cares

We care about you, your family and your friends. We're all connected. Again, there is no need to suffer with an emergency, roof leak or needing an exterior rescue. We are here to help fix your essential exterior task using our technology, our skills and appropriate physical separation. We can temporarily or permanently correct, improve and install your project using appropriate healthful distancing. We encourage everyone to be optimistic, well and follow the recommended advisories during this time to protect others and save lives.

The reason for our distancing is to delay/extend the spread of COVID-19, to ‘flatten the curve’. Our healthful acts help reduce the spike of demand on our hospitals, so healthcare workers have the ability to treat illness cases, which reduces deaths. Your sheltering efforts will ultimately help avoid a turn-away by medical staff of anyone sick, infected or needing a respirator; Severe COVID/flu-related pneumonia inhibits the lungs from getting vital oxygen. We can lessen the number of people needing a machine to breathe by "lengthening the curve". Thank YOU for being a soldier. 

Stay Home Now thru Mid-April

As a business, our employees are practicing healthy mindfulness. We urge everyone to shelter-in-place per the StayHomeMN order, and of course, to stay at home upon signs of flu or fever or if travels or exposure increases the risk of transmission. Washing hands for over 20 seconds between fingers in warm soapy water washes dismantled-dead coronavirus down the drain! NMC is adhering to the precautions as directed by CDCWHOOSHA and MDH

Listed below are the directives believed to minimize viral spread:

  • Wash hands in warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds
  • Hand-washing is preferred, but if no sink is available, use alcohol-based hand sanitizers 
  • Cover your coughs/sneezes
  • Avoid touching your face, especially your nose, eyes and mouth
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces
  • Do not share equipment, devices, drinks, food, lip balm, etc
  • If you’re sick, wear a facemask when you're around others; if you’re well, there’s no need to wear a facemask unless you're caring for an infected person who cannot wear a mask (usually due to difficulty breathing). Supplies of facemasks are limited, so let's reserve them for caregivers

Here's a great compilation of helpful online resources during our home shelter time:

Working at home, coaching kids at home, cleaning the home, meals, reading hundreds of COVID updates, errands done in an unfamiliar safe way, and getting valuable rest is impossible for anyone to do at the same time, let alone get half these tasks done well in a day. Be realistic, forgiving of yourself and use this "Schedule-Lite" to your advantage. Choose to play a game with the family over enforcing grade work studies. Take a walk before the stress takes hold of you. It's togetherness, flexibility and learning ANYthing new that we're intending to achieve here. Staying connected, informed & calm combats anxiety and executing a plan-of-action using unification, compliance and contribution will get us through this. Good intentions are always rewarded. Again, we're not stuck at home, we're SAFE at home...

NMC's Bill Pay button is located in upper right of every web page

NMC Has Many Bill-Pay Alternatives

Regarding any payments from clients to NMC for services rendered, please take advantage of these electronic, non-in-person methods:

    • Pay NMC online using the PAY NOW button in the upper right of any web page

    • Mail your check to NMC at 14505 21st Ave North, Suite 226, Plymouth MN 55447

    • Email Jennifer Leidahl in NMC’s Accounting Dept to discuss payments or call her at 763-390-9276

Please ask NMC any questions and share with us how we can help you: 763-251-9292

NMC Exteriors is defined as an 'essential business and service', providing a service that is necessary to maintain the safety, sanitation and essential operation of residences (plumbers, electricians, exterminators, etc.)