Beautiful home replaced their exterior siding with our NMC team.

With the bliss of winter headed our way, there are many things to begin preparing for. From getting snow shovels ready to buying salts for our driveways, preparing for winter is a must. With colder temperatures, rain, and even snowstorms, the roofs of your home can easily become damaged due to severe weather. So, if you’ve been impacted by past or recent storms and notice signs of wear and tear, it is best to get these issues fixed now before they become worse and more expensive. Winter weather can cause various issues to happen with your roof. Here’s a list of common problems that occur on your roof-top and how to prepare for them.

Ice dam damage on an apartment complex in Minnesota

  1. Ice dams: Ice dams are the blocks of ice around the edge of your roof and gutters. These are not only dangerous as they fall but are known to detach shingles and gutters. Winters in Minnesota means dealing with severe snowfall and nights with low temperatures. This type of weather can lead to ice dams, attic condensation, and high snow accumulation on your roof. From shingles lifting to gutters collapsing, ice dams can cause a series of issues to your roof and home. Many times these are in the formation of icicles or actual blocks of ice. Many things can cause Ice Dams, such as poor insulation and ventilation in your attic. This winter, prepare for ice dams by getting roof melt and a snow shovel to knock ice dams off your roof. 

  2. Broken Siding: Proper care and maintenance are crucial if you want to keep your home’s exterior in good shape. This includes replacing or repairing your siding when it becomes damaged. Benefits to fixing your broken siding include: Providing quick action to get the siding repaired will prevent the siding from having further damage, and in the end, you’ll save money in the long run by fixing the repairs before the damage becomes more extensive and more expensive to fix. Once they become a replacement, this will cost more and take longer to complete. You’ll also be improving your home’s energy efficiency while also boosting your home’s curb appeal.

  3. NMC team is adding attic insulation to a home in Minnesota.Insulation: Stay comfortable and reduce your energy bills with the addition of quality attic insulation! Ice dams can be an indication of poor insulation! Home insulation is imperative for efficient heating and cooling. Over time, insulation can wear down. Old age, harsh weather conditions, and critters in your walls can degrade the material, rendering it less effective. Besides saving on utilities and improving eco-friendliness, achieving the recommended Minnesota R-Value level of insulation can also help prevent pipe bursts, shingle disruption, and mold. With new insulation in your property, you can enjoy benefits that add value to your home for years down the road, including: Reduce Energy Loss, Improved Thermal Efficiency, Comfortable Interior Rooms, and Greater Home Value. 

  4. Leaks: Even a small leak can lead to significant damage, so it’s imperative to have any kind of leak fixed immediately. Once the snow begins to melt on your roof, you may start showing signs of leaks. Not only will this cause a rise in your energy bills, but the damage over time will get more and more expensive.
  5. Heat Cables: Heat cables are also known as heat wires or heat tapes. They are hot wire that helps melt the snow off of your roof-tops. They are considered an effective way to prevent ice and snow buildup on the overhangs and valleys. 

  6. Clean Out Gutters: Gutter issues can lead to roof damage, and the sooner the problem is addressed, the better. It’s important to ensure proper drainage of snow from your roof. Gutter damage can damage shingles which can lead to the need for roof crack repair and other issues. Snow and ice damage to your roof often begins with problems with your gutters as trapped water freezes and has nowhere to go. That’s why maintaining your gutters is so important to protecting your roof. Here are four reasons you should have your gutters cleaned regularly: Clogged gutters will damage your roof, foundation, they're ideal hubs for pests, and well-maintained gutters will protect your home’s value.

  7. Wind: Heavy storms can cause significant wind damage to your Minnesota exterior: blown-off shingles, compromised waterproofing, and exposed underlayment. If not repaired swiftly, these signs of wind damage can lead to even worse problems down the road—and perhaps eventually even an entire roof replacement. So, if you’ve experienced roof damage from high winds, don’t wait; reach out to a contractor right away! The sooner our wind damage team can respond, the sooner your home will be back in mint condition. Wind in the winter is not only stronger but more frequent. Prepare for strong gusts of wind this winter by occasionally checking on your roof, especially after snow/wind storms.

  8. Foundation Cracks: During the winter, water can enter the small cracks in your foundation, causing them to expand more with each refreeze, which can eventually lead to costly repairs. To avoid this, be sure to get your home and foundation inspected every spring and seal any cracks that you find. 

  9. Frozen Pipes: When water freezes and expands inside a pipe, it can cause small leaks at the pipe’s joint or create a much larger crack along the pipe. You can prevent pipes from freezing by keeping your thermostat at a consistent temperature day and night. And if you’ll be away from home for an extended period during the winter, you should shut off your water and drain your pipes to prevent them from freezing and bursting while you’re away.

  10.  Sump Pump Failure: During the winter, your sump pump discharge hose can freeze, making it unusable in the event of a flood. It’s also important to remember that your sump pump relies on electricity to work so our advice is to consider buying an additional discharge hose to have as a backup in case your existing hose is frozen or damaged.

In all, being prepared for snow and ice this winter is essential. From ice dams weighing on your gutters to wind damaging your shingles. Let’s be organized this year when cold weather hits!