We know that sometimes the Summer weather in Minnesota can be extreme. That’s why our team at NMC has made it a top priority to provide top-notch storm damage services. Not only do we want you to have a properly functioning exterior system, but we also want you to be informed on the why and how. Just this year alone, the metro area has been hit with three fairly disruptive storms. Not sure if your home was hit? We have just the solution.

Our quick and free Hail-Wind Event Report can help validate an actual NWS, National Weather Service, and storm date. Based on the location you enter, this digital severe weather history report will list hail and wind incident dates and details about the hailstone size and wind speeds. The radar data is pulled using the latitude and longitude of the address entered. Again, this report is available to you at no charge.

Enter your data in the form to begin gathering information about hail-wind event dates, weather intensity, and to validate your incurred exterior storm damage. Be sure to click the button appearing under your generated list to notify NMC that you wish for a no-obligation conversation; NMC will contact you by phone or email. We promise to deliver a smooth recovery process and we will restore your home back to its pre-storm condition. NMC is licensed (BC#639088), certified, insured, and is an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor.

Watch this video for a look at our Weather Widget tool!

If a Storm Date Correlates to Damage, Engage with NMC for the Next Steps

For many years, NMC has devoted time and energy to becoming an expert in storm restoration. NMC is available year-round to walk you through the damage to your property and the possible solutions. The initial conversation is also at no cost to you! Another nice thing about our Hail-Wind Storm Date report is that we will use the findings from this report to guide our initial conversation with you. In addition, the report itself may be included in your future documentation packet. NMC is ready to assist you as an Insurance Restoration Specialist!

  • Insurance Restoration Advocacy
  • Insurance Fluency & Agent Relations
  • Honest No-Cost Inspections
  • Streamlined Operations
  • Professional Roof & Siding Replacements
  • Hail-Wind Damage Expertise
  • Quality Assurance Inspections and Daily Clean-Ups
  • Responsive, Transparent Client Care
  • Workmanship Warranty Guarantee
  • Zero-Accident Safety Record & OSHA Compliance

NMC is your Best Ally in the Insurance Restoration Process

Watch this video to get a better glimpse at NMC’s storm recovery process and why you should trust NMC with all of your storm restoration projects.