This summer, NMC Exteriors & Remodeling had the opportunity to work with former Minnesota Vikings Linebacker, Ben Leber, on his cabin’s roof replacement.

Ben and his wife, Abby, purchased this beautiful cabin just north of the Twin Cities a few years back and invested a lot of time and money into renovating the inside. After a short time, Ben started noticing some leakage and wanted a fix. The team at NMC was able to work alongside Ben and Abby to fix the problem and also achieve the aesthetic vision that the couple had. The couple decided to replace the existing, weather-beaten roof with a metal roof.

“When we were going through the options process, and we talked about just the resilience of metal vs. something like asphalt or some of these composite things. Not only was it the look we were sold on but also this thing is going to last for a long time.” - Ben Leber

​Lifetime Performance with the Strength of Metal Roofing

Rain, hail, snow, extreme temperatures, and high winds are all a reality of the Minneapolis climate, and your home’s roofing system needs to be able to handle anything that Mother Nature throws at it – while still adding curb appeal and value to your property. For homeowners that are looking for ultimate protection, metal roofing from NMC Exteriors is the smart choice. Designed to be a lifetime roofing system that is fully customized to your aesthetic, our metal roofing stands the test of time and delivers unparalleled benefits. 

Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Since 1999, NMC Exteriors has provided exceptional home improvement services throughout the Minneapolis area. From the very first day, we knew we wanted to elevate the level of service beyond what was then considered standard in the construction industry. We set our sights high in order to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and, more than 20,000 projects later, we still insist on maintaining that same level of excellence.

“It was the attention to detail and the meetings that we got to go through in the planning process for this that meant a lot to me because I didn’t want something thrown up there that wasn’t what I wanted." - Abby Leber

Leber Family Testimonial

To see more about Ben's cabin project, watch his testimonial here:

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