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If you have a flat roof on your building, you know that it takes an experienced contractor to provide the repair and replacement services you need. NMC Exteriors & Remodeling specializes in residential and commercial flat roofing systems. We offer dependable roofing systems using high-performance materials, from Duro-Last, Carlisle, GAF, Firestone, GenFlex and more.

If you need any flat roofing services in St. Paul, Minneapolis, Eden Prairie or the nearby areas in Minnesota, we can help! Call us today or click below to get a free estimate on commercial roof repair and roof replacement.

Choosing the right type of flat roof

How do you know which flat roof system will work best for your structure? A professional NMC employee will do a proper evaluation of your roof and discuss the best roofing options. Whether you are in need of new construction or a re-roofing project, we can help you choose the right flat roof system for your roofing needs and budgets.

The following is an overview of the low slope roofing systems NMC Exteriors provides:

Built-up Roofing (BUR)

BUR is the traditional “tar and gravel” roof, although, today’s BUR uses asphalt instead of tar. BUR is the most common and reliable type of roofing material. Built-up roofs, as the name suggests, are compiled of multiple layers that are applied in sealed, waterproof layers. This durable, impact- and fire-resistant material has a long lifecycle and can be easily maintained and repaired.

  • Durable
  • Impact resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Low-cost maintenance

Installation: The first layer of the BUR system is tacked down with roofing nails. Hot asphalt is mopped on to the roof to adhere layers. Gravel is then installed over the top.

Modified Bitumen

Modified bitumen is one of the most common flat roof systems for commercial and residential roofing projects. Its single-ply asphalt-based roof membrane provides a waterproof seal and resists extreme temperatures.

  • Durable, long lasting
  • Superior waterproofing
  • Variety of application methods
  • VOC-free

Installation: The Modified Bitumen single-ply membrane roofing system is installed in 3-foot rolls by either a torch-down system using flame heat to bond the top sheet to the base sheet or by a safer, easier self-adhesive “peel and stick.”


TPO stands for Thermoplastic Polyolefin, and is a blend of polypropylene and ethylene-propylene rubber. A TPO roofing system is a cost-effective roof replacement option for residential and commercial use. This single-ply white roofing comes in easy-to-handle 3-foot rolls for quick, easy installation.

  • Affordable
  • Energy efficient

PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride.  This single-ply roofing, available in white, is rolled out and heat-welded at the seams creating a single membrane that provides excellent leak-proof protection and thermal insulation to reduce energy costs. A PVC roofing system installation is quick, clean and economical.

  • Durable
  • Energy efficient
  • Provides excellent leak-proof protection
  • Withstands contraction and expansion
  • Holds up to wind, rain and extreme temperatures

Installation: Both TPO and PVC roofing systems can be fully adhered or mechanically fastened.

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer)

EPDM synthetic rubber roofing membrane is extremely durable, making it a smart choice for commercial low-slope or flat roofs in any climate. Used for both new construction and replacement projects, the durable, long-lasting EPDM is a proven cost-effective way to protect your building for years.

  • Low maintenance
  • Maintains integrity and flexibility
  • High resistance to heat and fire
  • Protects against UV damage
  • Resists scuffs and tears
  • Easy to patch and repair

Installation: EPDM comes in sheets up to 50 feet wide. It is mechanically anchored with fasteners or ballasted with stone. We also offer a glued-down EPDM rubber membrane system in a 40 mil or 60 mil thickness.


Duro-Last roofing is ideal for flat and low-sloped roof design. Its durable, single-ply material is manufactured to exact size, eliminating up to 85% of rooftop seaming and delivering leak-proof, long-term protection. Duro-Last white membrane has highest retained reflectivity of any single-ply membrane and is Energy Star rated.

  • Resistant to fire, chemicals, grease, high winds and punctures
  • Custom fit delivers superior leak-proof protection
  • Withstands temperature extremes
  • Energy efficient, Energy Star rated
  • 15-year full warranty

Installation: Duro-Last can be installed over an existing roof without loud machinery or hazardous materials. Note: NMC recommends always removing the existing roof covering to ensure the longevity of your new low slope roofing system.


A steel or metal flat roof is a great choice for new construction or roofing retrofits for both residential and commercial use. Offered in a variety of colors, metal can be manufactured to resemble wood, shake, shingles or tiles. Metal roofing material can easily be installed over an existing roof to eliminate removal costs.

  • Lightweight
  • Allows thermal movement (expansion/contraction)
  • Resistant to extreme weather
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Easy installation

Installation: Large sheets of rust-resistant steel are mechanically fastened with gasketed screws or attached with hidden fasteners.


Sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF) provides superior waterproof protection and thermal insulation. The foam is sprayed on in a liquid form, creating a seamless membrane that dries quickly. This flexible roofing material delivers custom contouring and can be applied over most surfaces. It’s perfect for irregular-shaped roofs and bonding around pipes and edges to eliminate gaps and cracks.  SPF reflects heat and offers thermal insulation to save on energy costs.

  • Seamless leak-free protection
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible to adhere to almost any surface and around objects
  • Excellent insulation reduces energy costs
  • Minimal maintenance

Installation: Polyurethane foam is sprayed on in a liquid form. Once the SPF dries, a protective top coat, usually of rubber or gravel, is applied to ensure durability.

What you can expect with NMC Exteriors & Remodeling

We pride ourselves on providing quality, professional construction and customer service to all our customers. When you choose to work with use, you can count on all of the following:

  • An inspection and/or estimate of you home or business by one of our qualified employees.
  • One general contractor handling your roofing construction or restoration project.
  • Proper license and insurance.
  • A wide selection of quality materials that will fit your budget.
  • Long-term warranties from manufacturers.
  • Timely construction process with daily site cleanup.
  • An available list of references.
  • Flexible financing options through multiple vendors.
  • Member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.
  • Founding member of the UASRC

NMC Exteriors & Remodeling is your number one roofing contractor to install flat roof systems for commercial and residential needs in Minnesota. Call us today to get a free estimate on all our roof repair and roof replacement services. We proudly serve in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Eden Prairie, Lakeville, Burnsville, Andover, Anoka, Shakopee, Elk River, Hopkins and throughout the surrounding areas.


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