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Say Goodbye to Pooled Water for Good

How to Find & Fix Pooled Water

Worried about pooled water on your roof in Minneapolis? Then it’s time to call a professional roofing contractor from NMC Exteriors now in partnership with Apple Roofing! We’ve been delivering peace of mind since 1999, and we have all the distinctions you need to feel confident in our roof repair expertise:

  •  BBB Accreditation
  •  Family-Owned Business Model
  •  GAF Master Elite Roofer
  •  Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor
  •  One of the Top 100 Roofing Contractors in the Nation
  •  And More!

The bottom line?

If you’ve spotted ponded water on your roof or around your home, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us fast. We’ll provide a detailed roof inspection, make honest recommendations on repair or replacement, and leave you with a roof that’s just as good as new!

Signs of Pooled Water

While some signs of roof damage can be ambiguous or difficult to spot, pooled water tends to be more obvious. Along with visible puddles on your roof, you may notice:

  •  Clogged Drains or Gutters
  •  Sagging or Collapsing Gutters
  •  Pooled Water in the Basement
  •  Warped Wood Beams
  •  Water Stains on Siding, Ceilings, or Interior Walls

Heavy rain from recent rainstorms or snowmelt can exacerbate these problems. If the water damage is extensive enough, you might even notice a musty smell indicative of rot, mold, or mildew.

Roof Replacements Starting at $115/mo

Book your complimentary exterior inspection with our team. Don’t wait if you have a roof leak, exterior repair, or replacement need – we’re here to help.

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What to Do Next?

If you’ve noticed any of the common signs of pooled water, start by calling a local roofing company like NMC Exteriors. We’ll start by sending a certified roofer to your Minneapolis home for a free roof inspection-and then we’ll continue our five-star service regardless of which exact roofing solution you need.

Roof Inspection

Whether you’re facing pooled water or hail damage, getting the right solution hinges upon an accurate roof inspection. That’s why NMC Exteriors never cuts corners on our inspections! Instead, we take our time to examine and uncover every last element of your roof-from the flashing to the shingles!

Repair vs Replacement

Only once our roof inspection is done will we make recommendations for roof repair vs. roof replacement. We pride ourselves on being honest and ethical and will recommend only the service that’s best for your Minneapolis home:

  • Roof Repair: If a quick repair will fix your pooled water problem, we’ll give you a roof repair cost estimate and let you decide.

  • Roof Replacement: Unfortunately, pooled water is often caused by a poor roofing installation, sometimes making a full roof replacement the only feasible solution.
  • Home Insurance Claims: If your roof repair and replacement qualify, we can assist with your entire insurance claim process.

Fixing the Roof Leak

Regardless of the size or scope of your roofing solution, you can expect only the best services from our expert crews. With over 20,000 successful projects done, we have the know-how and the resources to fix any roof leak, anywhere! From wind damage to pooled water, we deliver reliable fixes for all roof types and roofing materials.

Other Common Roof Problems

Unfortunately, there are many more common roof problems in Minneapolis than pooled water alone! The good news, though, is that NMC Exteriors is the only roofing contractor you’ll ever need to call. Whether it’s gutter damage or a leaking roof, we can handle it all.

With leading certifications and best-in-class roofing solutions, we can address the following problems and more:

  •  Pooled Water
  •  Visible Punctures and Holes
  •  Cracking and Blistering
  •  Snow and Ice Damage
  •  Poor Maintenance

Schedule a Free Inspection from Our Minneapolis Area Roofing Company

When water is pooling on your roof, every minute counts! Get a fast fix from one of the best roof repair companies in Minneapolis by calling NMC Exteriors today. To sign up for your free roof repair estimate with no obligation, fill out our simple online form right now!

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Roof Replacements Starting at $115/mo

We can communicate virtually & install without any physical homeowner contact. Do not suffer or wait if you have a roof leak, exterior repair or replacement need—Please call us.
4.8 out of 5
based on 473 Google
20 Years In Business NMC
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