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When you’re dealing with storm damage, our crew is here to help.

Hanover Hail Damage Insurance Claims

Starting with a free roof assessment, NMC Exteriors is the premier Hanover roofing company for all of your storm damage repair needs. In business since 1999, we provide top-notch help with various roof insurance claims, such as:

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20 Years In Business NMC

The Premier Hail Damage Company in Hanover

Sure, there are many Hanover roofers in the area, but not every roof replacement company has what it takes to handle hail damage in Minnesota.

Lucky for you, when it comes to hail damage in Minneapolis, NMC Exteriors has the industry-leading experience to guide you through the process. We can also assist with various services, such as:

  • Hail Damage Assessments
  • Hail Damage Repair in Hanover
  • Hail Damage Roof Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims for Wind Damage in Hanover

When you’re dealing with a wind damaged roof, it’s crucial to find a Hanover wind damage company that can fix the problem quickly and easily. Our elite team of roofers are here to quickly provide the full-service options you want and need, such as:

  • Property inspections with comprehensive roof damage reports
  • Free pricing quotes for your wind damage roof insurance claims
  • Assistance with finishing your insurance claim for wind damage to the roof
  • Complete restoration services by qualified roofing contractors

Your Home Storm Damage Experts

Have you been scanning the internet for a trusted “MN storm damage repair near me?” Well, the time has come to put those searches away and go with a reputable Hanover storm damage repair company that can handle all of your roof inspection and repairs needs.

When it comes to exterior roof damage repair options, we have tons of different options, such as:

Hail Damage

If hail damage has occurred, you might notice signs, such as:

  • Small dents on gutters, downspouts, siding, and roofing shingles
  • Damaged and dented windows and siding
  • Chipped paint on exterior surfaces
  • Missing shingles and granules in the downspouts
  • Cracked wood or stone shingles.

Wind Damage

Significant wind can lead to devastating damage and problems, including:

  • Lifted or bent shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • Granules in the downspouts
  • Leaking roofs
  • Fallen debris on roof

Common Roof Problems

Aside from storm damage, your roof is always susceptible to other issues, including:

  • Pooling water on your roof
  • Visible mold or mildew
  • Old, outdated shingles
  • Energy efficiency improvements
  • Old, rotted wood beams and decking

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Whether you’re dealing with wind damage, hail damage, or a common roof problem in Hanover, NMC Exteriors is ready to help. Call our Minnesota roof repair experts or fill out our online form to set up a free quote.

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4.8 out of 5
based on 473 Google
20 Years In Business NMC
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