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Refer-A-Friend to earn $100 for each Referral resulting in a completed NMC project

Here at NMC Exteriors & Remodeling, we count on our satisfied customers (you) to tell your family, friends, and neighbors about your experience with our company and the quality of our work.

If someone you know could use our services, simply fill out our simple online form and we'll be in touch with your friend within hours. You can trust us to provide them with the same level of outstanding service that gave you the confidence to refer us in the first place. You can share you referral info with your Project Manger Rep or call us on the phone at: 763-244-1147.

NMC's gift to you is $100 for each referral resulting in a completed project; There is no limit to the number of friends and neighbors you send our way! Thank you for allowing the NMC Exteriors & Remodeling family to grow! We appreciate your positive words about NMC.

Upon your friend's project completion, NMC will issue your earnings. Date of project completion only affects when monies are released from NMC to your mailbox.

Refer-A-Friend and Get Rewarded

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