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In the fall of 2016, the roofs of Heatherton of Edina Condominiums were in desperate need of replacement. NMC Project manager Brian Flanagan built a full portfolio outlining the work to be completed and presented it to the board and homeowners.


In order to ensure the residents' safety, NMC Production Managers Tom Gustafson and Luke Conzet spent 2 full days putting flyers on each door and mailbox to notify tenants of construction procedures. The crew began by tarping each lawn and individual deck to ensure that debris didn't damage the property. The existing shingles were removed down to the roof sheathing to check the structural integrity. Because the building is 3-4 stories high, access to the roofs were difficult. NMC had to load the shingles by hand and it took multiple trips to transport the materials. Disposal also proved to be difficult because of the building's height. A scaffolding system was set up and taken down daily to allow better access. Site clean-ups were performed daily. There was constant communication between NMC and Westport Properties that made the entire process go smoothly. NMC completed each asphalt shingle roof replacement (which comes out to 130 squares) in only 3 days.

NMC Exteriors & Remodeling received this award from the Minnesota Multi Housing Association for Best Renovation/Exterior Company.

Project Summary

Roofing: Owens Corining Oakridge-Desert Tan

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