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Hail storms can cause major damage to your roof, fascia, siding, exhaust pipes, gutters, valleys, outer edges and angles where the roof meets the walls. Hail damage to your roof comes in the form of dimples, made by smaller chunks of hail that pound the outer layer of shingles. These dents in shingles dislodge the granules that protect against rain and sun damage.


NMC is an industry expert at inspecting a home after it has been hit by a terrible storm. We always recommend having a professional assist you and that you never attempt to climb up on your own roof. Especially after a storm, the roof structure may be weakened and shingles may be slippery. NMC handles your entire insurance claim, from the initial inspection to filing and processing a claim quickly and efficiently.

Project Summary

Product Installed: Owens Corning Duration shingles- Estate Gray color

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