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The head elder of a church in North Branch, MN discovered that they had a large hole caused by a Pileated Woodpecker at the very top of the steeple on a church that is 85 feet tall. This presented potential larger issues if they would not be able to repair the hole before the woodpecker did further damage. In addition to the hole in the steeple, there were also 2 ridge caps that needed to be fixed as well. The church was having difficulty finding a contractor willing to commit to what would generally be considered a "smaller" repair, but would also require special equipment to be able to address the issue.


After attempting to contact multiple contractors, the head elder reached out to NMC Exteriors. NMC Project Manager Jon promptly agreed to meet with the church contact person and assess the situation. After careful consideration and planning, NMC Exteriors was able to prove that NO job is too big or too small for us to deal with! The photos included, show the size of the church and the hole in the roof caused by the pesky woodpecker. After securing a crane with a basket, our Project Managers were able to address the woodpecker hole as well as the missing ridge cap issues. The church was extremely happy that they would now be woodpecker free!!

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