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Homeowners in Monticello, MN were impacted by the July 5th, 2016 hail storm that left them with a damaged roof, gutters, and windows. The homeowners Insurance was only allowing for partial coverage and the 3 contractors prior to NMC Exteriors, failed to get full coverage of the damaged exterior, approved.


After finally being referred to us, by friends who had a good experience with NMC Exteriors, the homeowners contacted us to schedule an inspection. NMC Exteriors Project Manager Jeff immediately began the tedious process of gaining full approval for all damaged areas. He diligently worked with both the homeowners and Insurance Adjusters putting countless hours and time into the project. In the end, not only was Jeff able to gain full approval for the homeowners but also increase the number of items that were overlooked, increasing the claim coverage by a significant amount!

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