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Commercial Roof Replacement
Commercial Roof Replacement Project; Insurance Approved Roof Replacement in
Insurance Claims
Hanover, MN
Project Year: 2021

Project Description

A large storm in August 2020 producing hail and strong wind caused significant damage to the roofs of 3 separate buildings at this property. The property consisted of the Church Sanctuary, a second building that houses a meeting area with a cafeteria, offices, daycare, and a 3rd building functioning as the Youth Center. Each of the buildings was inspected by our Project Managers and the Insurance Adjuster assigned to this claim and required different roof replacement techniques and roofing materials. NMC Exteriors crews installed a commercial 60 Mil EPDM Flat roof on the Meeting Building and 2 Asphalt Owens Corning Duration roofs in Complementing color selections of Brownwood and Teak on the Sanctuary and Youth Center. NMC Exteriors is grateful to St. Pauls Lutheran Church for their partnership!