After being plummeted with hail that was still on the ground some eight hours later in 75 degree weather we felt it was a done deal and the insurance company would surely pay for our roof and our siding. It was sadly not that easy. After the first appraisal we were denied, the second appraisal was denied, and yes the third appraisal was denied. Then Jeff S. from NMC got madder and started a good fight on our behalf. He pounced like a panther on the insurance company. I can only tear up every time I remember when we rec'd the call that yes the insurance company was on the hook for the entire sum. Roof and siding. If it hadn't been for NMC we wouldn't have the great and truly beautiful exterior we have today. I will say it was the most brutal experience of our lives till payment came. I want to thank NMC Exteriors, Jeff (sales) and Tom (install manager) who provided us with two incredibly skilled teams that did the roof and siding to perfection. These teams did everything to our home as if it belonged to them. We are forever grateful to all from NMC Exteriors for being such incredible warriors to put our house back together we will never be able to say thanks enough. I will hold the team in my in a place of honor in my heart for all they have done. Thanks all to the front office to the last man picking up our yard. You have been a blessing to me and my wife and thanks again for keeping the insurance company honest. Y'all will be in our prayers for life, thank you NMC Exteriors.

NMC Exteriors

Dear Brian- What a wonderful review! I shared this with our whole team and it really brightened everyone's day! It is always our goal, that our customers experience is fantastic from beginning to end, and we are so pleased that was the case for you and your family. It was our pleasure to work with you, and we are very grateful for the kind words, as we place a high value on the relationship forged with our customers throughout the project process. If you need anything else in the future, please don't hesitate to call! Have a wonderful rest of your week! Sincerely- Your NMC Exteriors Team

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