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Minneapolis Cedar Shake Roofing

Every Minnesota homeowner knows that they need to choose a roof that is strong, efficient, and built for the local climate, but that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice on unique beauty and curb appeal! With cedar shake roofing from NMC, you get the impressive beauty of natural wood roofing with all of the benefits that you are searching for. Cedar shake installation doesn't require heat or warm temperatures for a "seal to adhere", this applies to asphalt shingle installation, not cedar. Once the felt barrier is down, cedar shakes are fastened using stainless steel staples. 

Schedule your cedar roof installation any time of the year. A lot of homeowners choose March, Summertime and November for getting a new cedar roof. Just like baseball and water parks, our expert crews need Mother Nature to cooperate. Like any outdoor project, even with warming techniques applied, our cedar crews require low-wind, non-blizzard, well above liquid-nitrogen temps on the install days, as severe storms, lightning, blizzards, high winds and extreme freezing will be cause for delay/rescheduling.

NMC offers professional service and top-rated cedar shake systems at an affordable price, and we can ensure that your new roof makes a lasting impact on the value of your home for years down the road.

Cedar Shake Roofing Backed by Expert Installation

Not all roofing companies have the experience needed to handle the installation of a cedar shake roof. With the specialized materials and installation techniques needed for a Minneapolis cedar shake roofing project, you need NMC, an experienced contractor who has the cedar roofing know-how and certifications that prove our capabilities for completing the work to high standards of quality.

At NMC Exteriors, we have been offering top rated general contracting services since 1999, and our total completion rate exceeds 20,000 projects in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. NMC completes an average of 800 projects per year. Through each stage of your project, we’ll provide superior service, personalized care, and attention to detail that guarantees that your cedar shake roof will hold up to years of wear and tear. Cedar is the most energy-efficient roofing offering excellent strong weather resistance.

Stunning Cedar Shake Roofs with High-Value Benefits

While asphalt shingles might be the most common choice for Minnesota roofing, cedar shakes are a traditional option that gives your home a fully customized look. Cedar shake roofing can be maintained to maximize its natural durability and to stay looking its best through the years. It also comes with many benefits and features that make it a superior choice for a new home roof:

  • As the only roofing material that can be maintained to prolong its service life, cedar shake roofing lasts for decades longer than some other roofing materials.
  • You’ll get the highest R-value with cedar shakes, giving your home superior efficiency that is more than 4x the efficiency of typical shingles.
  • Compared to other natural roofing materials, cedar shake roofing is remarkably affordable and offers timeless beauty and curb appeal.
  • The weather in Minnesota can be extreme, but cedar shake roofs are designed to deliver impressive wind and hail resistance—protecting your local home from the elements.
  • The sweet aroma of cedar lingering for weeks after the install is delightful. 

Learn More About Enhancing Your Home with Cedar Shake Roofing

If you are considering a cedar shake roof for your Minneapolis residential remodel, then NMC Exteriors can help you get the most out of your investment! Learn about our premier roofing products and affordable services today by calling to speak to a member of our certified roofing team. You can also fill out our online form now to request an appointment for an in-home quote and consultation.

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Tim W.

My NMC project manager Nick did a great job working with my Insurance Company to get my roof approved and replaced. The NMC crew that did the work did a outstanding job of installing the roof and the cleanup afterwards. The roof looks great. Overall a very nice complete job.