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Minneapolis Emergency Repairs

No one plans on a roofing emergency. Whether it’s a fallen tree, extreme wind, or an ice dam, if your Minneapolis home is experiencing a roofing emergency, it’s important to contact NMC Exteriors as soon as possible.

Our crew is standing by to provide you with a quick, effective repair or replacement, depending on the extent of the damage. We are factory trained, GAF certified, and we are a Master Shingle Applicator. Add our skill and 20 years of experience to service that is backed by the Better Business Bureau, and you can count on getting the right emergency roofing repairs exactly when you need them.

Speedy Minneapolis Emergency Roofing Repairs

Our roofing contractors always make sure to leave time in our schedule to assist homeowners with Minneapolis emergency roofing repairs. We’ll be out to your home fast to deal with a wide variety of issues that might include:

  • Wear due to weather and UV radiation.
  • Fallen tree limbs and branches.
  • High winds that have torn shingles and/or roof decking.
  • Ice dams and water buildup.
  • Improper installations.
  • Flashing failures around chimneys and vent stacks.

... and much more!

It’s important to seek the help of professional roofing companies if you’re in need of a roof repair. We know how to walk on damaged roofs when you could easily become injured. Instead of doing the inspection yourself, inspect the roof visually from the ground, and leave the physical inspection to our professionals.

Experience the NMC Difference with Emergency Roofing Repair

Contemplating the cost of a residential roofing project can be nerve-wracking, especially if an emergency repair is involved. Allow us to put your mind at ease by giving us a call and requesting an NMC Assessment. You can also fill out our online form and we’ll get in touch with you quickly.

Experience the NMC Difference!

We’ve wowed more than 10,000 clients in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Experience the NMC difference by scheduling your in-home NMC assessment today!

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NMC Exteriors Reviews

Jesse O.

From the day I met with a representative from NMC they were professional and courteous, and provided realistic expectations for my hail damage on my roof. When it came time for my insurance agent to evaluate my roof, Trevor walked him through the damage and spent the rest of the afternoon driving ar...