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NMC Installs OC's Shingle of the Year for 2020: Pacific Wave

Are you looking for some impressive blue hues in your roof color? NMC installs Duration® Designer Pacific Wave! This asphalt shingle has been selected by Owens Corning as the Shingle Color of the Year for 2020! Every year, OC chooses a trendy roofing color and then composes inspiration palettes to showcase attractive exterior color combinations and design ideas. NMC's Team is ready to help, share more details about Pacific Wave, and execute your exterior visions using a brilliant color scheme!

Pacific Wave's Refreshing Color Composition

Pacific Wave possesses a mix of rich ocean colors: deep blue, pale blue, light gray, and dark gray granules. This hue range exudes a color dimension that can achieve a relaxed, coastal vibe or a strong, stately look. Let your personality shine through your roof with Pacific Wave's powerful peacefulness. Find more clean and refreshing color palettes for Duration® Designer Shingles at ShingleColoroftheYear.com. Get started with one of Owens Corning's style boards or have fun creating one of your own, and ride a wave of breathtaking color with a shingle designed to naturally complement any exterior.

Choose a Color Palette That Reflects Your Style

When Pacific Wave tops your roof, check out these color pairings already assembled for you by Owens Corning. The top three favorite color palette inspiration suggestions for your exterior with a Pacific Wave roof are 1. Coastal Pacific Wave, 2. Colonial Revival and 3. West Coast Contemporary.

The colors from the Coastal Pacific Wave palette include a wide range of serene possibilities: Beach Glass, Sandy Gray, and white. Add more cool stone-glass blues, turquoise, greens, or add a subtle surprise, like a pastel pink

To achieve a Colonial Revival look, the colors are stately and simple. Think patriotic for this traditional palette, with Red Brick, Dark Navy Blue, Warm Gray, and Chalk White for a great impact that's timeless.

The West Coast Contemporary palette pairs cool earthy and crisp orange accent colors together. Soothing Pale Blue, Bird of Paradise Orange and Sage Gray make a wonderful striking modern combination!

NMC is a Winning Platinum Preferred Contractor

NMC is a Platinum Preferred Contractor, an elite status awarded by Owens Corning. Of the 17,000 contractors across the nation supplying OC products, only 144 roofing GCs have earned this title. NMC won another Product Service Award at Owens Corning's annual conference and NMC's President, Molly Mortenson was appointed to OC's Platinum Advisory Board as the first female in history to join OC's P.A.B. NMC is licensed, insured, reputable, certified and woman-owned with over 20 years experience in the industry. Our team member experts are ready to enliven your home's exterior with a new roof in Pacific Wave! We're dedicated to achieving 100% customer satisfaction and we perform at high standards to deliver the remodeling results you expect. For more examples of Pacific Wave roofs in Minneapolis performed by NMC, check out the home profiles listed adjacently to this article or see our Past Projects page.

Trust NMC to Install Total Systems Properly

Rely on NMC, a company that cares about your family's number one investment, your home and the people in it! We have the integrity and the craft mastery to properly install upgraded exterior systems that function well with healthful conscientiousness. All the components of the exterior system must work in conjunction to defend and protect against the elements:
  • The structure must be sound (no wood rot, codes met)
  • The underlayment, ice & water, and starter must be laid down correctly
  • The shingles, ridge, vents, exhausts, pipe penetrations must adhere/seal properly
  • Attic insulation is vital for ventilation as it works in tandem with the roof elements
    Poor circulation traps moisture in the attic and wastes heat/AC. These crippling conditions can then lead to larger (bigger headache) issues: ice dams, shingle disruption (interior water entry/roof leaks), expensive utility bills and possible mold & mildew growth

NMC is Your Minneapolis Ally for Reliable Renovations

We vow to be your best partner and advocate regarding your exterior system. Your roofing-attic-siding-gutter-downspout system needs to keep weather and critters out while keeping your family healthy, cozy, and eco-optimized (economically and ecologically!) inside. Our streamline ops, tech tools, handy project managers, and helpful staff are at your service. We will stay in constant transparent communication with you. You'll always be aware of upcoming work stages from kick-off, deliveries, and crew arrivals to inspections, quality visits, and clean-ups. In addition to your product warranties, we offer a 
10-year workmanship warranty. We are OSHA compliant, mindful of your active home-work-site setting, and have a zero-accident safety record. We are operating as an essential service provider and we can inspect & install using social distance & digital communications. See our blog for distancing protocol details.

Contact NMC  with questions about roofing in the Shingle Color of the Year: Duration® Designer Pacific Wave. If your home has storm damage, let us know about your insurance claim filing status, as we're specialists in damage restoration and our build-back knowledge can be a great help to you. We are ready to assist with an expeditious and smooth recovery process! It's simple and quick to check past hail-wind storm dates using our weather form or to schedule a no-obligation conversation online with us!