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Family-owned and manufacturer-certified, we lead the way in roof replacement and storm damage repair.

Shakopee, MN Roof Replacement

With more than 20,000 projects behind us and a caring, family-owned business approach, NMC Exteriors is a Shakopee roofing company you can trust. Building peace of mind since 1999, our roofing expertise is unmatched in the local area and includes full-service, step-by-step guidance: roof assessment, roof repair/replacement, and even insurance claims support!

Roof Replacements Starting at $115/mo

We can communicate virtually & install without any physical homeowner contact. Do not suffer or wait if you have a roof leak, exterior repair or replacement need—Please call us.

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4.8 out of 5
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20 Years In Business NMC

Your Trusted Shakopee Roofing Company: Experience the NMC Difference

As your dedicated roofing company in Shakopee, we, at NMC Exteriors, pledge to treat your property, budget, and preferences with utmost professionalism—a commitment we proudly call The NMC Difference. With over 20 years of remodeling experience, GAF and Owens Corning trained Shakopee roofers, Xactimate-certified cost estimates, and an A+ BBB accreditation, we assure you of unparalleled support for your custom roof replacement.

Roof Repair vs Roof Replacement

The common dilemma of roof repair or replacement is approached uniquely by NMC Exteriors. Rather than pushing for immediate replacement, our local roofing company empowers you with insights into the pros and cons, including roof repair costs. We guide you to make a cost-effective and value-adding choice tailored to your family’s needs.

Home Storm Damage Experts

Facing storm damage in Shakopee? Our seasoned professionals offer comprehensive support, from roof repair/replacement to expert assistance with home insurance claims.

Hail Damage

Expert documentation of all signs of hail damage, including loose granules, dents, bruises, tears, and punctures, ensures a thorough hail damage roof insurance claim.

Wind Damage

A reliable roof inspection is the first step in identifying the cause and nature of wind damage, guiding us toward an effective solution tailored to your roof’s needs.

Common Roof Problems

NMC Exteriors goes beyond its services to help homeowners understand and prevent common roof problems in Shakopee:

  • Roof Leaks or Water Damage: Thorough roof inspections prevent small leaks from evolving into mold, mildew, rot, and water stains.

  • Pooled Water: Addressing structural issues caused by pooling water on flat roofs or blocked drainage is crucial for maintaining your roof’s integrity.

  • Visible Punctures and Holes: Trusting proven roofers prevents damage caused by improper installation or careless walking.

  • Cracking and Blistering: Rather than replacing individual shingles, consider the long-term solution of replacing the entire roof for cracked or blistering surfaces.

  • Snow and Ice Damage: Icicles may look picturesque but can lead to significant damage; addressing ice dams promptly avoids stress on your roof.

  • Gutter Issues: Timely attention to broken gutters safeguards your home’s curb appeal, preventing potential damage to the roof, siding, and foundation.

  • Poor Maintenance: Regular professional evaluations prevent small concerns from escalating into expensive nightmares, ensuring effective roof maintenance.

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Experience family-owned care at an affordable price with NMC Exteriors—one of the best roof replacement companies in Shakopee. Discover more about our services and find the right roofing solution by calling us today or scheduling your free roof replacement estimate through our quick online form.

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4.8 out of 5
based on 473 Google
20 Years In Business NMC
Family Owned and Operated

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Pat 1 month ago
Mike and his team did a super job on our new siding. Very pleased.