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Expert Bloomington Roof Replacement

Through each stage of your roof replacement, we offer solutions that lead the industry in quality, value, and performance.

Bloomington Roof Replacement

When you need a roof repair or replacement, our Bloomington exterior remodeler is the smart choice. NMC Exteriors has been offering peace of mind since 1999, and our commitment quality is evident in everything we do from the roof assessment until the project is complete. 

Our Bloomington roofing company uses only premium materials, and work is completed by experienced professionals. Take a look at some of our customer reviews to see the kind of service you can expect when you choose NMC Exteriors!

Our Installation Work is Completed By Certified Professionals

We ensure that our products are installed correctly every time – guaranteed!
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20 Years In Business NMC
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Local Roofing Company in Bloomington, MN

Some Bloomington roofers are willing to compromise on the quality of their materials to cut costs, but that’s not an option for our roof replacement company. We use only premium products from top brands like GAF and Owens Corning—and the workmanship we provide is exceptional. 

Choose us and enjoy:

  • More than 20 Years of Proven Expertise 
  • A Long-Standing A+ BBB Rating
  • Factory-Trained Professionals
  • Industry-Leading Warranties

Home Storm Damage Experts

Whether you have a wind-damaged roof or your home sustained hail damage, NMC Exteriors can help. Our storm damage specialists can help with:

Hail DamageHail as small as one inch can do significant damage to your roof—and much of this damage is difficult to see from the ground. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a professional inspection completed. 

Wind DamageWhen the winds kick up, they often leave damage behind. If needed, our roof contractors work quickly to provide temporary protection until the roof installation can be completed. 

Insurance ClaimsMaking a roof insurance claim is a hassle, but with us on your side, your home insurance claims process will be much smoother. Our experienced professionals will make sure your claim is not undervalued and that all needed repairs are included. 

Common Roof Problems in Bloomington, MN

No matter what kind of problems you’re experiencing, the first step is a roof inspection. Put our 20 years of experience to work when dealing with common roof problems, such as:

Roof Leaks or Water Damage

It only takes a small amount of water from a leaking roof to lead to expensive moisture-related repairs, mold, and other issues. 

Pooled Water

Pooling water on your roof after a heavy rain is normal as long as it quickly drains away. If it doesn’t, it’s time to call in the professionals. Visible Punctures and HolesWhether from shoddy workmanship or storm-related debris, all punctures should be repaired immediately to prevent secondary roof damage. Cracking and BlisteringOver time, the shingles on your roof crack and blister. Roof cracking diminishes curb appeal, but it can also leave your home vulnerable to water infiltration, so the problem should be addressed quickly. 

Snow and Ice Damage

Even if you love winter weather, it’s important to acknowledge the toll of snow and ice damage to your roof. Ice dams and heavy snow are examples of the ways winter weather wreaks havoc on your roof. 

Gutter Issues

Gutter damage leads to mold, rot, fascia damage, and erosion around the foundation. When replacing your roof, consider installing new gutters as well. That extra investment will protect your roof and make it easy to keep your gutters free from debris. 


A roof maintenance plan allows us to spot common roof problems early and minimize the need for repairs. Having routine inspections is one of the best roof maintenance tips we offer. 

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Our exceptional, competitively priced services make it easy to see why we’re one of the top 100 roofers in the country. Give NMC Exteriors a call today or fill out our online form now to schedule a free, in-home consultation. 

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4.8 out of 5
based on 473 Google
20 Years In Business NMC
Family Owned and Operated

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Mike and his team did a super job on our new siding. Very pleased.