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Eagan Roof Replacement

Since 1999, NMC Exteriors has provided total roofing services as an Eagan exterior remodeler. Our team not only has the training to tackle your roof replacement, but also provide a thorough roof assessment and roof repairs too. 

Allow our Eagan roofing company to make sure your home is well-protected whether you have damage from a storm, or it is simply time to replace that old roof. 

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20 Years In Business NMC

The Premier Local Roofing Company in Eagan, MN

What makes us the best Eagan roofers? NMC Exteriors boasts more than 20 years of service to the community. Plus, we have received many accolades and achieved many accomplishments, including:

  • 20,000+ Successfully Completed Projects
  • GAF and Owens Corning Training
  • A+ BBB Accredited Roof Replacement Company
  • Experience with Insurance Claims

Home Storm Damage Experts: We also have proven experience with storm damage assessment and restoration. No matter what kind of storm, our experts help guide you through the process of identifying it, filing home insurance claims, and replacing the roof.

Hail Damage: No one likes dealing with hail damage, but it is a necessity when protecting the rest of your home from further problems. If you see loose grit in the gutters, bruises, or dents in the shingles, and even punctures or tears, reach out to NMC Exteriors for an assessment.

Wind Damage: Another common problem is wind damage. Let NMC Exteriors help get your roof back into shape again when you have lifted or missing shingles that expose the decking or even fallen debris on a wind damaged roof.

Insurance Claims: Whether related to wind or hail damage, roof insurance claims are challenging and time-consuming processes. NMC Exteriors has the experience needed to deal with your insurer and help get that claim approved faster.

Common Roof Problems in Eagan, MN

You may be wondering what are some common roof problems that could require a roof replacement in Eagan, MN. As the roof develops damage or natural wear and tear, these issues can present themselves in a number of ways:

Roof Leaks or Water Damage: Signs of a leaking roof or water damage are usually obvious and include mold, water stains, and even rusted gutters.

Pooled Water: You’ll see pooling water on the roof when you look at it from outside. It’s not a good sign, and usually means the decking or trusses are starting to sag underneath.

Visible Punctures and Holes: If you go up into the attic and see daylight through punctures or holes, you’ll definitely have a moisture or water problem. Make sure your home is watertight by getting them fixed.

Cracking and Blistering: Roof cracking usually means that the shingles are getting old and dried out. They may also have been lifted up by strong winds at some point. Blistering occurs when excessive heat from the sun heats up the asphalt in your shingles causing blisters to open up on the surface.

Snow and Ice Damage: Living in Eagan means you’ll practically expect snow and ice damage to your roof! Keep an eye out for large amounts of snow piling up on the roof and ice dams in the gutters. The weight of it all can actually damage the trusses and gutters.

Gutter Issues: Actually, homeowners have to deal with gutter damage on a fairly regular basis. Since these components serve an active purpose by directing water flow away from the roof, they can wear out more frequently than the shingles. Signs include:

  • Rusting
  • Loose or Hanging Gutters
  • Bent Gutters
  • Overflowing Gutters 

Poor Maintenance: It’s all too easy to overlook the regular maintenance needs of your roof, which only leads to these common roofing problems. Keep your home in great shape with regular inspections and repairs, gutter cleaning, and prompt attention after a storm.

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We may talk about all of our services and the roofing problems we can fix, but nothing speaks louder than action. Give NMC Exteriors a call to set up a stress-free consultation with one of our roofers in Eagan. If you would like a free cost estimate for any of our home or roofing services, fill out our online form right away. 

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4.8 out of 5
based on 473 Google
20 Years In Business NMC
Family Owned and Operated

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